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Watching over Textpattern growth I

I’m not agree with Vinnie about trackback is a glaring omission, mostly because I know some blogger who has never used it and he is a very well known blogger1. Indeed, Trackback add-on for Textpattern is on my laptop HD more than one year ago now, waiting for the day it will provide more advantages than problems.

On the other hand, it’s curious to see that the next Textpattern version will seriously improve some of the things that Vinnie’s point to, like new database backends – I’ve just commited SQLite experimental suport using PDO, and PostgreSQL is on the development branch for a while – and improve installer simplicity.

And no, Textpattern doesn’t specifies Apache as a requirement. It works pretty nice over lighty and think that there are people using it over IIS without too many problems.

Recommended reading:

Rick Ellis of pMachine and Dean Allen of TextPattern are making publishing easier for people. [Josh Satangelo interviewed at futile]

Thinking about …

Do you note that both, John GruberMarkdown – and Dean AllenTextile – are part of the Joyent staff now?.

1 See for the details.

4 December 2005, 17:03

  1. Pedro: Thanks for the link! Also, thanks for writing up that listing of Textpattern tags so long ago. It was integral in helping me get started in understanding this CMS. I’m indebted to you, Dean, and everyone else in the great TXP community.

    Nathan Smith    5 December 2005, 05:23    #

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