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A word about the old tag manual

As many of you know, I wrote a quick and dirty tag manual for textpattern impatient users which has been very outdated during the last year. And it will remain there only because I don’t want to break links at all. Fortunately, there are better places where you can find Textpattern high quality docs now.

Many things are different since the day I started the manual, at the beginnings of 2004:

Reasons enough for me to say here that I will not update the manual. There are better resources, and I think that I will be more productive writting code than writting docs.

Anyway, if I feel the imperious need to write docs, I will do it on those places I’ve mentioned previously – just the same place you could do it too.

I hope the manual has helped somebody during the past years, mostly because the main reason to write it was that I needed it then. So, everything more than that is much more than what I expected.

And now, go here, enjoy and say thanks to Destry et all.

13 November 2005, 17:56

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