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Weblogs and Open Source

I’ve spent the last two years – just from the day I acquired one of the first VCI Textdrive accounts – trying to find an excuse to start an English site thereafter several years of Spanish blogging

I’m not really sure I will have the time or the energy to keep this more or less updated, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got something to say today: thanks Matt, thanks Dean.

Yesterday, I was being at Elche 3rd Open Source Meeting, organized by Kleenux, the local LUG, talking about Weblogs and Open Source publishing tools. We talked a bit about weblogs history – you’ll probably surprised to see how many people didn’t heard nothing about weblogs previously – and about the benefits derived to choose an Open Source publishing app.

Dean and Matt kindly answered to my mail, asking them both about some questions related to their own blogging experience and the facts which move them to start coding the apps that much of us use daily to post to our own sites.

As you can see, I’ve got a good reason to say thanks to them, both Matt’s effort to answer my mail from the Blackberry on the plane, and, of course, Dean, who was really busy during last week setting up some web server.

My best desires to Matt decision to dedicate full time to WordPress development. Good luck, guy!.

And what to say about Dean?. I’m on the same Textpattern boat so… , well, there is something interesting to say really: Dean says he will write again one of these days.

13 November 2005, 15:33

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