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I'm amazed with Textpattern community forum people

106_3030 Now that Christmas is really near – again!, this means we’re another year older now – I’ve been really surprised by the nice folks at Textpattern forums. They’ve decided that this is a good moment to confer some utility to my whishlist and all the Textpattern developers and forum moderators. These guys are collecting money to buy us a Xmas gift, and I feel I have to say a big Thanks to all of them. I’m really amazed, are these the collateral damages of Open Source Development? ;-). It’s enough with the nice gesture guys, you can consider me gifted.

By the way, the picture is a photo of our Christmas Basket at KIU. Thank boss!.

Merry Xmas to everybody and happy 2006!.

20 December 2005, 18:59 by Pedro Palazón Candel · Comment [3]

Watching over Textpattern growth I

I’m not agree with Vinnie about trackback is a glaring omission, mostly because I know some blogger who has never used it and he is a very well known blogger1. Indeed, Trackback add-on for Textpattern is on my laptop HD more than one year ago now, waiting for the day it will provide more advantages than problems.

On the other hand, it’s curious to see that the next Textpattern version will seriously improve some of the things that Vinnie’s point to, like new database backends – I’ve just commited SQLite experimental suport using PDO, and PostgreSQL is on the development branch for a while – and improve installer simplicity.

And no, Textpattern doesn’t specifies Apache as a requirement. It works pretty nice over lighty and think that there are people using it over IIS without too many problems.

Recommended reading:

Rick Ellis of pMachine and Dean Allen of TextPattern are making publishing easier for people. [Josh Satangelo interviewed at futile]

Thinking about …

Do you note that both, John GruberMarkdown – and Dean AllenTextile – are part of the Joyent staff now?.

1 See for the details.

4 December 2005, 17:03 by Pedro Palazón Candel · Comment [1]

Dean on Textpattern 2006

Last month I had a speak about Weblogs and Open Source. I was speaking there due to my textpattern developer condition so, I decided to ask some questions to Dean about weblogs, Open Source and Textpattern. Here are the answers!:

Yo: A good day, you decided day to start Textism, why a weblog?, merely fashion?

Dean: Honestly I didn’t have too much of an idea of what a weblog was when I started Textism. I was more interested in finding a way to keep discreet chunks of content separate from page layout, and, by extension, an easy interface to quickly record stupid ideas for the world to read. My previous site, Cardigan Industries, came into being because I thought I had some humorous things to day, but Textism came about because I wanted to play around with scripts and databases.

Yo: What tool did you use to handle Textism beginnings?

Dean: It’s rather like how Textpattern is today: the txp_users database table is only about 25% different from how it looked on the day I first designed it in 2001. Much more has expanded out of that, but the core ideas of what makes up an article are the same. As to the PHP that actually put the page together, I’d rather not even think what that looked like: a lot of clumsy parts put together from O’Reilly books.

Yo: Which are the needs that moves you to code the first Textpattern piece of code?

Dean: I always thought the most important thing for writers was to write, and not think about the tools they’re using. Textpattern was intended as a web writing tool, that would give little resistance to someone who simply wanted to publish regularly on the Internet. Its flowering as a ‘content management system’ came as a secondary by-product, though I’m very happy with how that’s turned out as well.

Yo: Why Open Source?

Dean: Well, I’m not unaware of my limitations as a programmer, and I’m constantly surprised by what my colleagues with a background in computing science are able to bring to the project. If it weren’t open source, Textpattern wouldn’t be constantly driven forward as it is now.

Yo: Your expectations – Textpattern related – for the next year?

Dean: We’re going to see how well it fits into some niche markets where it should do very well: with professional site developers and with people doing e-commerce sites. A turnkey, pre-installed weblog system is also in the works. Also, I’ve been promising people xml/rpc access to the application for about ten years…

Yo: How to get a bloggie? ;-). Seriously: do you plan to write again?

Dean: Yes!

[Yo: Got the hint about XML-RPC. Is yet to come.]

27 November 2005, 17:19 by Pedro Palazón Candel · Comment [2]

A word about the old tag manual

As many of you know, I wrote a quick and dirty tag manual for textpattern impatient users which has been very outdated during the last year. And it will remain there only because I don’t want to break links at all. Fortunately, there are better places where you can find Textpattern high quality docs now.

There is more »

13 November 2005, 17:56 by Pedro Palazón Candel

Weblogs and Open Source

I’ve spent the last two years – just from the day I acquired one of the first VCI Textdrive accounts – trying to find an excuse to start an English site thereafter several years of Spanish blogging

I’m not really sure I will have the time or the energy to keep this more or less updated, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got something to say today: thanks Matt, thanks Dean.

Yesterday, I was being at Elche 3rd Open Source Meeting, organized by Kleenux, the local LUG, talking about Weblogs and Open Source publishing tools. We talked a bit about weblogs history – you’ll probably surprised to see how many people didn’t heard nothing about weblogs previously – and about the benefits derived to choose an Open Source publishing app.

Dean and Matt kindly answered to my mail, asking them both about some questions related to their own blogging experience and the facts which move them to start coding the apps that much of us use daily to post to our own sites.

As you can see, I’ve got a good reason to say thanks to them, both Matt’s effort to answer my mail from the Blackberry on the plane, and, of course, Dean, who was really busy during last week setting up some web server.

My best desires to Matt decision to dedicate full time to WordPress development. Good luck, guy!.

And what to say about Dean?. I’m on the same Textpattern boat so… , well, there is something interesting to say really: Dean says he will write again one of these days.

13 November 2005, 15:33 by Pedro Palazón Candel

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