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An icon can’t solve everything

Call me a minimalist, call me boring and practical, whatever, but sometimes the best way to say something is with a word.


Justin at Joyeur

4944 days ago by Pedro Palazón Candel


Xmas presents picture at flickr That’s my table with all the things you can place into an Amazon box – including several newspaper sheets – which I’ve just received today. What to say?. A very big Thank you all!.
I’m still trying to figure out how the hell they have discovered that I like Tintín and, just now, preparing a coffee before to put my dirty hands into those cookies – I want the recipes!.

I promise this will means better Textpattern testing using Sebastian’s PHPUnit book and, of course, that I will spend several nights enjoying The Mythical Man-Month.
The wishlist is doing something useful at the end :-).

And now, time to get back to code and the promised things.

5019 days ago by Pedro Palazón Candel · Curious about the cookies? [1]

Watching over Textpattern growth II

“If you’re a serious blogger with a professional blog, or a company who wants a professional content management system, use Textpattern”

Part of a review by Natalie Jost – Best Blogging Platform? It depends

5021 days ago by Pedro Palazón Candel

Velez Blanco - playing with XML-RPC and flickr

I cannot avoid it!.

Flickr + Textpattern XML-RPC.

By the way, this is a picture of a nice city at Spain south: Velez Blanco.

5023 days ago by Pedro Palazón Candel

1, 2, 3 testing

Are the article excerpts working?. Ok, then go to the real contents.

There is more »

5028 days ago by Pedro Palazón Candel

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